Matter Assembly

  1. Hard work and success
  2. How to focus mind
  3. Character and success
  4. Perseverance
  5. Best ways of learning
  6. Ethics and Etiquette
  7. Power of reading
  8. Meditation and health
  9. Positive attitude and its benefits
  10. Importance of punctuality
  11. Self discipline is the best discipline
  12. How to overcome stage fear.
  13. How to improve study habits.
  14. Mass media’s effect on daily life
  15. Causes and effects of global warming
  16. Importance of time in our life.
  17. Choosing the right career.
  18. Importance of respecting elders.
  19. Good Manners.
  20. Instilling in students leadership qualities.
  21. Conservation of resources
    • 5 ways to wake up early
    • What can a student learn from great leaders?
    • 5 ways to read better
    • 3 books that I loved reading
    • My values in life
    • What I learned from my best friend (this will make your friend very happy for sure)
    • Helping others is important
    • 5 news items that are breaking news
    • How to help community as a student?
    • 5 reasons for being educated
    • My goal in life
    • 5 ways we can help our parents be happy
    • Living healthy is our choice
    • How to start a day with one best habit?

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