High School

Our High School offer a continuous dynamic academically rigorous and holistic curriculum aimed to prepare students to become life-Iong learners. It is equipped with  high-class academic facilities with a broad based curriculum. We stress the total development of each child’s spiritual, moral, Intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being.

We aim to produce graduates who will be good communicators and globally minded young people. Emphasis will be placed on the four Cs of the 21st Century Skills which includes Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication and Collaboration.


Our curriculum is an enhanced and integrated blend of British, Montessori, EYFS, STEAM and Nigerian curricula. The subjects taught in our High school include:

To be eligible for admission into any TCIS class your child or ward must have reached the minimum age requirement as at the 1st of September of that school year.

Appropriate Age Class
10 years and above
11 years and above
12 years and above
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Treasure Crest Integrated High School

A Few Photos

Here area few photos from our Early section.

Why Treasure Crest?

We offer a safe, secure and well-resourced environment which fosters respect for self, other children and adults, and the environment.

Global Curricula

Our educational system is a blend of EYFS, Montessori, British and National Curriculum which ensure we only give the best educational structure to our pupils

Special Education Needs

We run an inclusive education whereby serious thought is given to children with certain characteristics, It gives them a sense of belonging and become better prepared for life in the community.

Qualified Teachers

TCIS highly experienced, Dedicated and God-fearing Staff who moulds the learners using the 21st-century methods


When it comes to our learners, security and safety are paramount. TCIS offers safe and reliable transportation for interested parents on a termly basis.

Meals provided

We serve well-balanced diet prepared by trained Chef. Our menu ranges from fruits and vegetables, Vitamins and healthy proteins….. 

After School Club

TCIS Offers the best quality of care after school to children to develop, discover, enjoy themselves and grow in a safe, secure and caring evironment

Enrol in Any of Our Schools

A creative and joyous learning atmosphere where children enjoy school and attain their full and highest capability.